parking_lot_designParking Lot Design

Our recent work on the Town of Sylva’s Dunkin’ Donuts exemplifies our commitment to exemplary parking lot design. JMTE is mindful of maneuverability standards, ADA access, as well as the aesthetic value of perimeter and interior landscaping. We will organize the redesign project from start to finish, including obtaining necessary permits, hiring subcontractors, and installing signs. Parking lot design is essential to attracting tourists as well. If a destination offers attractive, convenient, and accessible parking lot design, people are more likely to visit. Off-street parking, as well as public, private and handicapped accessibility are important considerations when developing municipalities, neighborhoods, businesses, etc. J.M. Teague Engineering can meet your parking lot design needs. 

Our Projects:

Haywood MRC-Hazelwood
Parking Study – Franklin
Celebrate the Season Parking Plan
Offsite Parking – FedEx
Parking Plan – Dunkin Donuts