Facilitation & Collaboration

J.M. Teague Engineering & Planning provides collaboration facilitation and agency coordination for a wide range of project types and services. Our services – including data collection, traffic impact analysis, traffic signal warrant studies, roadway signing issues, wayfinding, MUTCD flexibility, FHWA relations, permitting, access management, and training – often require communication with numerous agencies and partners. We work with neighborhood associations on traffic calming concerns, help municipalities negotiate NCDOT contracts, identify grant opportunities, design festival parking layouts, and help property owners with right-of-way concerns. We assist clients with roadway widening projects, signing projects, LOGO or TODS installation, roadway relocation, interchange construction, ADA compliance, utility adjustments, and traffic signal installation, which require careful coordination with state, federal, and local agencies. JMTE also frequently partners with other engineering and planning firms on every project type in our service area.