Land Use Planning

J.M. Teague Engineering & Planning provides land use planning services to municipalities and partner firms on a wide variety of projects that guide zoning decisions and future development aspirations. We have extensive experience in completing Comprehensive and Land Use Plans, Small Area Plans, and Vision Plans as well as providing general planning services to municipalities. Successful land use and community plans are prepared when projects are well-managed, with meaningful stakeholder engagement and thoughtful analysis. Our planning processes yield feasible strategies for implementation that result from data collection, policy review, and extensive, creative public involvement.

JMTE’s general planning services are tailored for each municipality’s specific needs and range from fielding planning-related inquiries from the general public, drafting new ordinances, creating and updating UDOs, and evaluating and updating existing ordinances for 160D compliance.

Note: Due to legislative changes at the state level, local governments in North Carolina must adopt or have a recently updated existing comprehensive plan by July 1, 2022, to maintain zoning. Comprehensive Plans are the backbone of any community planning effort. They take a long-range perspective typically of 10-20 years into the future and should be updated approximately every 10 years. JMTE has the capacity, experience, and expertise to oversee certain aspects of or the entire Comprehensive Planning process.

J.M. Teague Engineering and Planning Projects

Small Area Plan – Pisgah Forest
Landuse Planning – Laurel Park
Town Center Master Plan- Maggie Valley
Landuse Plan – NC-9 Lake Lure