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Design Wayfinding

JMTE is ready and willing to be your Department of Transportation (DOT) liaison for the implementation of your wayfinding project.  Wayfinding can be described as the process of using written and verbal information to find our way using consistent and organized cues from the external environment.   Wayfinding occurs most everywhere.  We find it in buildings, public facilities, parks, recreation spaces, and frequently – as the subject of this feasibility study – on streets and highways.  Most commonly, street and highway wayfinding consists of the use of signage and other graphic communication to convey a person’s place, directional orientation, and proximity to other places of interest. Past wayfinding work has included presentations, field review and data collection, site and sign design, report & analysis preparation, and permitting.  Often wayfinding projects involve a number of different project owners and agencies, and J.M. Teague Engineering & Planning (JMTE) is prepared to coordinate extensive communication between DOT, project managers, and all other interested parties.

Our Projects:
Motorcycle Warning Sign Project
Wayfinding- Rutherford County
Wayfinding- Rutherfordton
Wayfinding- Statesville