Design Wayfinding

J.M. Teague Engineering & Planning specializes in wayfinding sign system planning. Wayfinding signage can enhance a community’s brand, aid navigation, reinforce key destinations, and support economic growth. Successful wayfinding planning can bring awareness to local retail districts, historical areas, and other landmarks that are unique to a town or metropolitan area. Vehicular wayfinding signs help influence desired traffic circulation patterns and aid motorists in efficiently identifying public parking areas and can aid in creating safer driving conditions by providing clear directions at strategic locations, thus reducing driver confusion and distraction while traveling busy streets.

A wayfinding system has many moving parts that fit together, beginning at the edges of the town and continuing to downtown cores and the destinations at the heart of a community. It is important to recognize that wayfinding can be experienced on a highway, along a greenway, or on pedestrian-filled main streets; the key to a successful wayfinding system is unifying these different experiences.

JMTE works with communities to provide specific recommendations and necessary implementation steps for signs that will create vibrant, attractive, and intuitive guides for residents and visitors with universal design standards that reflect the character of the community and acknowledge its regional connections. Our plans recommend specific sign messaging, overall design and schematics of signs, and sign locations, all the while carefully considering visibility, MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices), and Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance. Plans also include estimated fabrication and installation costs, maintenance recommendations, and factors affecting the lifespan of the sign system.

Integral to the success of a wayfinding plan is the creation of comprehensive mapping which is used to visualize the system during the permitting, installation, and maintenance of the sign system. Our team works closely with the State DOTs throughout every wayfinding project, thus facilitating the process of obtaining right-of-way encroachment permits and streamlining sign installation.

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