Our Mission

To be a healthy transportation engineering and planning organization that measures success based on strong client relationships earned through exceptional communication, innovative solutions, on-time delivery and project follow-up.

Our Core Values

Organizational Health and Energy

  • JMTE will be a sought-after place to work, have a high level of organizational health, provide a challenging work environment, and will be a place that builds and foster’s long lasting employee relationships.

Connections and Network

  • JMTE will be an established engineering and planning firm within the region with substantial vendor, colleague, client and other professional networks in order to successfully participate in multi-disciplinary opportunities.

Structure and Sustainability

  • JMTE will identify and obtain the necessary certifications, strategy, knowledge, processes, resources and finances to ensure future managed growth and client impact as a quality engineering and planning firm.

Value and Vision

  • JMTE will relish the company’s history, tell our story, inspire staff, and maintain a solid vision through challenging goals, integrity, volunteerism and professional ethics.

Future of the Profession

  • JMTE will conduct research on emerging transportation engineering and planning issues, participate in transportation research projects and provide academic expertise to local and regional governments, institutions and other firms.