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J.M. Teague Engineering, PLLC is a traffic engineering firm in western North Carolina that provides traffic engineering expertise to towns, counties, schools, and professional clients such as landscape architects, urban planners, and civil engineering firms. JMTE serves a five-state area, but prides itself on its “small town” expertise.

JMTE offers extensive traffic engineering services including: intersection safety, wayfinding, traffic impact analysis review and preparation, traffic data collection, traffic signal warrant and operation, pavement marking design and operation, sign design and operation, corridor studies, risk management, MUTCD training and compliance, bicycle and pedestrian safety, pavement condition surveys, presentations, sight distance evaluations, and expert testimony.

J.M. Teague Engineering & Planning is a unique and diverse organization due to the background and interests of the principal engineer. There are five distinct areas of services within the organization: Traffic Engineering, Forensic Engineering, Transportation Planning, Collaboration Management, and Education and Training.
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Traffic Engineering Services & Traffic Planning

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