Corridor Studies

J.M. Teague Engineering and Planning is prepared to deliver accurate and thorough corridor studies to municipalities and government agencies throughout the region. The purpose of the corridor study is to determine the best way to accommodate present and future travel demands. Corridor studies typically respond to a specific problem like a high accident location or traffic congestion. A corridor study identifies existing and future deficiencies and evaluates alternative solutions. Corridor studies often encompass a long-range outlook (at least 20 years).
Corridor studies have many benefits including:

·        Resolution of planning issues prior to new project development
·        Identification and preservation of right-of-way
·        Protection of investments in transportation
·        Collaboration between public and private agencies and organizations

Our Projects:

Corridor Study – NC-9 Lake Lure
Corridor Study – Hendersonville
Corridor Study – Waynesville
Corridor Study – Maggie Valley
Corridor Study – Commerce Street