Sign Reflectivity

JMTE is often asked to conduct sign reflectivity reviews for local governments and private institutions.  Retro reflectivity describes the efficiency of a material to redirect light back to its source. This material is engineered to redirect most of the light back toward the source, which gives signs and pavement markings a brighter appearance at night from the driver’s perspective.  However signs lose their reflectivity over time, resulting in non-compliance legibility and putting the sign owner at risk for litigation.

The main objective of this review is to assess the retro reflectivity of traffic signs and ensure that all required signs meet the minimum standards set by The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).    This review can also serve as a risk management tool in the event of a nighttime vehicle crash at an intersection.

Deliverable-s typically include GIS mapping, photographs, reflectivity scores of each sign, and software package.  This process allows the sign owner to prioritize current and future year funding for sign maintenance and replacement.

Sign Assessment – Weaverville
Sign & Pavement Review – Bryson City
Sign & Pavement Review – Black Mountain
Sign Assessment- Forest City