What Can JMTE Do For You?

Here at JMTE we pride ourselves on offering a variety of services to a diverse group of clients across the Southeast. Take a look at just a few of the services we provide.


J.M. Teague’s Forensic Engineering department is staying busy this season. Our forensics clients include attorneys, private industries, insurance adjusters, and state and local governments to name a few. J. Mark Teague, P.E., owner and principal engineer of JMTE, has over 22 years of combined experience as a state traffic engineering manager and offers extensive forensic engineering services including data collection, field review, case file review, depositions, engineering reports, and expert witness testimony in litigation cases. Jim Kellenberger, P.E., offers expert witness services on both sides of legal issues. Examples include work zone traffic control and general traffic engineering cases and reviews in NC and SC on the interstate, state, and local routes. Robert Grayson recently joined JMTE as a Forensic Reconstructionist. Robert received over 1,000 hours of training in collision and investigation during his career as a North Carolina State Trooper and was a charter member of the NC State Highway Patrol’s Collision Reconstruction Unit. Robert has frequently testified in state court as an expert in collision investigation and crash reconstruction.

Forensic Engineering Services

Driveway Permitting

Building Permits
A driveway permit is required to:
  • Construct a new residential or commercial driveway apron;
  • Install a temporary construction entrance; or
  • Restore and repair an existing driveway apron.
Construction must conform to Municipality ordinances and/or the Policy on Street and Driveway Access to North Carolina Highways design standards.
JMTE can assist you in the application process with your local government.

How does traffic data collection add value to your property?

Data Collection

JMTE has had the opportunity to work along with property managers, real estate agents, and homeowner’s associations assisting them with different traffic consulting needs through data collection analysis (traffic volumes, vehicle classification, and vehicle speeds). For many property managers and real estate agents it is important to have a safe multimodal environment to promote a healthy lifestyle in their areas to make their properties more appealing to prospective buyers or lenders. Additionally, many HOAs have retained our services to analyze their traffic for traffic calming suggestions that can make their communities safer with recommendations to improve their road networks, thus adding more value to their properties.

ADA Standards

Many of JMTE’s projects directly affect the needs of differently-abled people, playing a role in connecting our transportation systems and making sure the public realm can be used and enjoyed by everyone. JMTE helps communities with ADA self-assessments, sidewalk condition surveys, pedestrian plans, corridor studies, signal design, wayfinding plans, and parking studies. We always make sure to get input from as diverse a group of residents as possible, highlighting the specific needs of those with mobility impairments and developing recommendations to address them systematically through infrastructure improvements and policy changes.
Kenny Armstrong, JMTE’s transportation planner, focuses on the 8-to-80 model, which is “Can an eight-year-old on a bike and an 80-year-old out for a walk both navigate their streets safely?” If not, then they are inadequate, so our design standards and project recommendations always feature accessibility standards and consider the overall network for connectivity. Sometimes, an overlooked segment of missing sidewalk can be critical for those with mobility constraints, so we make sure to listen to people’s stories of daily commute patterns and ongoing frustrations. We prioritize projects that will have the biggest return on investment for a client, with simple fixes and small-scale improvements often making the top of the list because they can have a dramatic impact on accessibility.
Contact us to see how he can help you plan accessible communities!
Work Zone Safety

Work Zone Safety

Work Zone Safety
Among the most recent JMTE Work Zone Safety graduates are some of our very own employees! Jim Kellenberger, P.E., instructor for JMTE Academy stopped by our office in Waynesville to lead our company safety training program. All employees of JMTE are required to complete our company safety training program and become certified flaggers. Safety is a top priority in everything we do! JMTE Academy offers training in flagger, flagger instructor, installer, installer instructor, and supervisor certifications.