Sidewalk Condition Survey


J.M. Teague Engineering & Planning (JMTE) offers a survey of sidewalk conditions for municipali-ties, colleges and HOAs. The survey was uniquely established by JMTE to record existing sidewalk conditions. During the survey, sidewalk distresses, widths and missing segments are recorded along with safety hazards and the presence or absence of wheelchair ramps at street crossings. A Present Serviceability Rating and overall sidewalk condition is provided along with personalized sidewalk maps and cost estimations. The customized sidewalk condition report provides a risk management tool for the prioritization of sidewalk rehabilitation funds and a strategy for providing safe public sidewalks.

Sidewalk Survey Experience Includes:

  • State, Local, County DOTs and Government Collaboration
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Expert Engineering Consulting
  • Town and City Council Presentations
  • Report Production and Distribution