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World Town Planning Day is November 8!

World Town Planning Day is a special day to recognize and promote the role of planning in creating livable communities. It presents an excellent opportunity to consider planning challenges and solutions in our communities and around the globe. The American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) endorses World Town Planning Day as a strategy to promote a broad-based awareness, support, and advocacy of community and regional planning among the general public and all levels of government. This is a great opportunity to unite planners and celebrate the many benefits of planning in all of our communities. The planning department at JMTE can assist municipalities and partner firms in many ways.
                              Check out some of our planning options below.
Sumter Installation Wayfinding & Mapping
Columbia Parking Lot Over head view
Candace Bee Keeping
GIS & Infrastructure Assessment
Wayfinding and Mapping
  • Wayfinding Sign Design
  • Wayfinding Sign System Plans & Implementation
  • Powell Bill Maps
  • Sidewalk & Greenway Maps
  • Regulatory Sign Maps
  • Zoning Maps
  • Future Land Use Maps
Land Use and Community                      Planning
  • Comprehensive and Land Use Plans
  • Community Visioning
  • Small Area Plans
  • Municipal Planning
  • Ordinance Development
  • Chapter 160D Compliance
  • Development & Storm water Review
  Transportation, Bicycle,   and Pedestrian Planning
  • Bicycle & Pedestrian Plans
  • Pedestrian Safety Plans
  • ADA Transition Plans
  • Streetscape Design
  • Greenway Feasibility Studies
  • Corridor Studies
  • Parking Studies
  • Low Impact Development
Facilitation and Collaboration
  • Public-Private Collaborations
  • Government Relations
  • Event Operations & Logistics
  • Board Training (Planning Board, Board of Adjustment)
  • Equitable Public Engagement
GIS and Infrastructure Assessment
  • Pavement Condition Surveys
  • Sign Assessments for MUTCD Compliance
  • Transportation Safety Assessments
  • Sidewalk Condition Surveys

160D Legislative Changes

Chapter 160D
“Chapter 160D” is a trending topic across local governments throughout North Carolina. This new state law, officially adopted in August 2020, consolidates city and county enabling statutes for development regulations into a single, unified chapter of the state’s General Statutes.
Local governments must bring their ordinances into compliance before the July 1, 2021 deadline set by the state General Assembly. JMTE can help municipalities meet that deadline. Our Planning staff maintain CZO and AICP credentials and possess a wealth of experience in code writing, ordinance assessments, and policy development. We work with our municipal clients as a trusted adviser to develop a tailored and comprehensive 160D compliance strategy that begins with an audit of existing ordinances and development regulation processes and yields a clear framework to implement the necessary changes. Our process intentionally works with not only municipal staff but also municipal boards to ensure that all parties affected are aware of new provisions. Contact us for more information on how we can assist with Chapter 160D compliance.

Event Planning During COVID-19

Since 2015, JMTE has worked with the Haywood County Chamber of Commerce to plan their annual Apple Harvest Festival, a juried arts and crafts event in Waynesville, NC. On a regular year, this event draws more than 40,000 people. In October of 2020 in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic this festival became a “Daze” – How do we provide a safe environment for visitors and craftsmen while ensuring the success of this event for the town? JMTE worked with local stakeholders to redesign the event layout with additional space between vendor tents and one-way pedestrian patterns within four isolated zones. Each zone was cordoned off and included manned entrances, directional signage and pedestrian traffic flow arrows. Visitors were encouraged to wear masks and were offered masks and hand sanitizer as they entered each zone. In addition to overall design, JMTE provided maps for vendors to use during setup, which included locations of hand sanitizing stations, restrooms and nearby parking.
Waynesville is home to the JMTE corporate office, so our team also volunteers time the night before the event to mark locations along the street for vendor booths. Word on the street is that 2020’s “Apple Harvest Daze” event was a success! If you missed it this year, we hope to see you next October!
JMTE can support your Town staff to create events that align with state and local COVID-19 parameters, ensuring a socially-distanced, safe, and successful event for everyone – vendors, attendees, and health workers.
Apple Dave Event Traffic Management
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JMTE Academy Updates

The Southwestern Workforce Development Board Train Up grant is a reimbursable grant offering up to $10,000 for training opportunities to help eligible businesses effectively train and retain existing employees by providing skills upgrades and process improvement.
  • The NCDOT Work Zone Installer Certification requirements will be implemented on January 1, 2021. All personnel responsible for the setup and installation of Work Zone Traffic Control devices inside the highway right of way are required to be qualified and trained Work Zone Installers. Contact us to schedule training today.
  • Our Work Zone Safety Database is now live and searchable on our website! Check it out online now.


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