J.M. Teague Engineering & Planning - Waynesville, North Carolina
Merry Christmas
Christmas card 2020
Since JMTE opened in 2010, we have striven to be a caring organization.
We care for our clients by providing dependable, innovative work while establishing connections beyond the scope of business that build trusting relationships for the long term. 
We care for our coworkers by respecting and honoring diversity, individuality, and gifts of each staff member. 
We care for our community by volunteering for boards, community projects and functions, and giving generously of our time and efforts to community charities. 
Beginning in December of 2019, we started using this beautiful antique chest to collect essential needs for groups in our community.
During 2020, we collected office products for KARE
and held a food drive for the Tuscola High School pantry to be given to students as needed.
We hope that you find as much joy as we do by making a difference and giving back to your community.
Giving Box
Mark Blanton

Mark Blanton
Work Zone Safety Instructor