Client Spotlight

ARCA Design, PLLC is a five-person architectural firm located in Asheville, NC. They specialize in contextual based design that best serves their clients’ interests. ARCA is Latin for ARK, a container that affords protection, safety, and shelter. Their company was established on the principle that innovative architecture is inspired through the inclusion of the goals, ideas and aspirations of their clients. ARCA Design believes that architecture should be created as a collaborative effort achieved through dialogue, rather than just applying previous solutions to new opportunities. In all of ARCA Design projects, they encourage a participatory design approach that creates architectural solutions tailored to the needs and desires of ARCA Design clients in a community-grounded response. Alan McGuinn, FAIA and Bryan Moffitt, AIA formed the office in 2011 as principals and equal partners after working together at another Asheville firm for several years.


J.M. Teague Engineering Work Experience:

ARCA Design has successfully collaborated with J.M. Teague Engineering on multiple projects in WNC with tasks including but not limited to traffic impact analysis, signal design, and trip generations estimates. J.M. Teague Engineering’s quality of work and responsiveness have been integral to the success of those projects. 

797 Haywood Road, Ste. 202

Asheville, NC 28806

J.M. Teague Engineering would like to say congratulations to

Digital Entrepreneur Lorelei Garnes Receives Distinguished Alumni Award

J.M. Teague Engineering has had the honor of working directly with Lorelei since our inception.

What is Trip Generation?

Trip generation refers to the process of determining the number of trips that originate, end, or pass through a specific location. Understanding trip generation is essential in urban planning, transportation engineering, and traffic management as it helps in assessing the impact of new developments or infrastructure projects on the transportation network. By analyzing trip generation, professionals can make informed decisions to improve traffic flow, reduce congestion, and enhance overall mobility for residents and commuters. So, next time you hear about trip generation, remember it’s not just about counting trips but about shaping the future of transportation for a smoother and more efficient journey.


When delving into the realm of trip generation, it is crucial to take into account a myriad of factors that can significantly impact the outcome. Elements such as transportation modes, land use patterns, demographics, economic conditions, and urban form all play a pivotal role in shaping the volume and nature of trips generated in a particular area. By carefully analyzing and understanding these variables, urban planners and transportation engineers can gain valuable insights to develop sustainable and efficient transportation systems that cater to the needs of the community while promoting environmental and social well-being.


Local governments, such as towns, cities, counties, and states, are all responsible for ensuring public health, safety, and welfare. For new development, redevelopment, and rezoning projects, these responsibilities are managed through various planning and engineering review processes, including reviewing potential traffic impacts. New developments will generate additional vehicles on the roadways, so trip generation must be conducted to determine if a bigger study such as a Traffic Impact Analysis is necessary.

The ITE Parking Generation Manual, 6th Edition is an educational tool for transportation professionals, zoning boards and others who are interested in estimating parking demand of a proposed development. The Parking Generation web app—ITEParkGen allows electronic access to the entire dataset that includes land use descriptions and data pots for all available combinations of land uses, time periods, independent variables and settings.


At J.M. Teague Engineering, we prepare a plethora of engineering reports for our clients. It is essential at JMTE that we build and sustain strong client relationships through communication, advocacy, innovative solutions, on-time delivery, quality control, and project follow-up.

Cool and Unusual

World’s First Mecanum Wheeled E-Bike

Called the Screw Bike, it isn’t the best-looking electrical e-bike out there, but its unique abilities certainly compensate for that.

​James Bruton has created what might be the world’s first driveable, self-balancing, omnidirectional, mecanum-wheeled electrical bike. Made from a mix of off-the-shelf and 3D-printed parts, the bike is certainly unique.

Building on his success with an earlier prototype self-balancing conventional bicycle, the new vehicle must be seen in action to be believed. The mecanum-wheeled bike balances much like a Segway but can also move in any direction thanks to its novel wheel configuration.

Read more about this interesting E-Bike

ITE Talks Transportation Podcast

LATEST EPISODE: What’s New in the 11th Edition of the MUTCD with Kathy Falk, Vice President, Kimley-Horn

ITE Talks Transportation is a collaboration between ITE and Bernie Wagenblast, founder and editor of the Transportation Communication Newsletter and host of Transportation Radio. Each month, a new podcast features a thought leader within the transportation industry. In keeping with #transportationtuesday, a new episode will be available the 4th Tuesday of every month.

JMTE Employee Spotlight Mark Teague- Owner PE, CPM 828.456.8383

Mark Teague – Owner

” I grew up in High Point NC and attended High Point Central High School. From an early age I have had an interest in roads and transportation. My mother claims I refused to come inside and watch the first moon landing on television because I was building roads in my sandbox. Probably true. I eventually landed at North Carolina State University where I majored in civil engineering. Despite my strong interest in construction, I was led down the path of transportation engineering. Upon graduation I began work for the North Carolina Department of Transportation as a transportation technician based in North Wilkesboro. I worked my way through NCDOT for the next 18 years with stops in Sylva as an Assistant Division Traffic Engineer and Asheville as the Division Traffic Engineer. Many people throughout NCDOT identified me as the person with the most “mountain” traffic engineering experience of anyone employed at the time.  


In late 2009 I left NCDOT and started J M Teague Engineering and Planning. It was a “leap of faith” decision but one of the best decisions I have ever made. Together, with an incredible group of other professionals, JMTE has grown and flourished in ways I never imagined.


In my down time I enjoy backroad exploring, hiking, trains, and home improvement projects. My favorite food is macaroni and cheese (especially my own special blend of 5 different cheeses). My most influential book has been “The Power of A Whisper” by Bill Hybels. My favorite quote is an excerpt from The Message Romans 8:14-15 – God’s spirit beckons. There are things to do and places to go! This resurrection life you received from God is not a timid grave-tending life. It’s adventurously expectant, greeting God with a childlike “What’s next Papa?”.”