In 2004, the NCDOT Division of Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation and the Transportation Planning Branch created an annual matching grant program – the Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning Grant Initiative – to encourage municipalities to develop comprehensive bicycle plans and pedestrian plans. This program has been successful, with 217 planning grants awarded, with approximately $6.5 million allocated to 211 municipalities and 6 counties across North Carolina.​​
Does your community need a plan to improve conditions for bicycling and safety for pedestrians? Now is the time to apply for the grant. For more information, contact Bryan Lopez at 919-707-2606 or
Bike Ped Goals
The application deadline is Tuesday, June 30 
(previously May 19, 2020).

Which plan makes sense for your community?

Bike Ped Grant Eligibility

J.M. Teague Engineering & Planning has worked with a number of communities on NCDOT bicycle and pedestrian plans.

With transportation as our focus, we excel at data collection and making sure that our recommendations can actually get implemented. Our goal is always to improve connectivity and safety for all roadway users, recognizing that the public right-of-way should accommodate and benefit everyone.

Bike Ped Planning