Goldman Sachs

2022 Summit

10,000 Small Business Summit
10,000 Small Businesses
Goldman Sachs
2022 Summit
Mark Teague once again joined more than 2,500 alumni from the 10,000 Small Businesses program gathered in Washington, D.C on July 18-20.
The Summit was the largest-ever gathering of small business owners in the U.S., designed to celebrate and drive their resilience and economic impact, while providing opportunities for them to advocate for their needs.
Over the course of three days, small business owners gained insights from business leaders, visionaries, policymakers and each other on best practices for business growth, hiring, accessing capital and more as they continue to power the nation’s economy and employ the majority of America’s workforce.

Building Outdoor Communities Economic Development Program Launches in Western NC

The “Building Outdoor Communities” program is designed to help Western North Carolina’s community leaders better understand and leverage their unique assets and collaborate to drive outdoor economic and community development centered around healthy people and places. This innovative program focuses on capacity building, technical assistance, training, connectivity, and education in 25 WNC counties and the Qualla Boundary.
The Building Outdoor Communities program aims to support communities in developing, prioritizing, and implementing their outdoor infrastructure and economy goals to capitalize on their extraordinary outdoors and:
  • Catalyze new outdoor business development
  • Recruit outdoor businesses and talent
  • Expand existing outdoor enterprises
  • Showcase improved quality of life and connectivity for locals
  • Care for the landscapes and towns that make this region so special

Why are Traffic Counts so important?

Roadway traffic data collection can provide a clear picture of volumes and circulation on roadways and through intersections. This information is valuable in determining what impact a new traffic pattern or change in signal timing can have on vehicular movement, congestion, and bicycle and pedestrian accessibility. Additionally, traffic data can inform engineers and planners on the right approach for a specific location, informing decision-makers on context-sensitive safety and mobility matters than can have a long-lasting impact on a community. JMTE performs counts (laying pneumatic tubes and hanging video cameras) throughout Western NC including;
  • daily volumes and speeds
  • peak hour volumes and speeds
  • turning movements at driveways and intersections
  • bicycle & pedestrian volumes
One recent example is JMTE’s involvement with the Merrimon Avenue Road “Diet” – a restriping of a four-lane arterial road into a three-lane road with bike lanes, recently approved by NCDOT and the City of Asheville. JMTE is collecting data to provide “before” counts for the project to help quantify the safety and efficiency improvements of the change. Once this project is constructed it will be important to do the counts again to capture “after” data.

Highway Work Zone Safety

At JMTE, our Work Zone Safety Courses have been approved by the North Carolina Department of Transportation. These courses are designed and written by Jim Kellenberger, PE, a 36-year veteran of NCDOT with over 50 years’ experience in the Highway Industry. Courses are based on the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), the NCDOT Standard Specifications and Drawings, and the NCDOT Maintenance and Utility Guidelines as well as other pertinent publications. Standards are combined with practical advice about worker safety to reduce tort liability and OSHA violations and keep your organization productive. We offer flexible course dates and times to allow you to fit this training into your schedule. Courses may be held at your location to reduce your per diem costs. Our on-line database of all JMTE Academy Work Zone Safety training courses can be used to quickly verify Worker Qualifications.

We are hiring!!!
Bring your innovative ideas to a truly collaborative team built on values here at JM Teague Engineering & Planning. We are looking for a new Transportation PE to join our family and help us move forward in implementing client based solutions. Work on a variety of projects spanning the southeastern US while enjoying the great work/life balance here in the gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains. Contact our Human Resources department for details by emailing or visit our website for a full job description at